ASP Services Australasia Pty Ltd (ASP Services), through its media arm, is focused on reaching consumers who are “on-the-go” in public places.  Our mediums impact directly on, or at the point of purchase, when a decision to buy has been reached but a choice of product still remains.  Our petro convenience network and DFO retail media ensures a powerful and successful campaign combination.

Our network covers a wide geographical spread in most major metropolitan areas of Australia and soon New Zealand, and captures a broad range of consumer demographics.  We are able to identify and reach our clients’ specific target demographic and tailor campaigns via a range of advertising format options in order to deliver the most value to you on a variety of media needs from call-to-action campaigns to brand building or specific product promotion.  

ASP Services’ media arm operates across the following media platforms:

ASP Services specialises in three operating streams:

1.    Petro Convenience Advertising Solutions
2.    Media Operational Control Platforms
3.    Digital Media Network Development & Sales

Born out of the opportunity to deliver an increased revenue opportunity to landowners by utilising their existing client base in a constructive way, the Directors of ASP Services have between them over 50 years’ experience in establishing, building, maintaining and optimising media revenue for both mainstream and digital platforms.  ASP Services’ business model is based on ensuring the core media message is optimised and therefore the maximum audience penetration for your content, message and offer is achieved.


Our Products

ASP Services offers tailored solutions based on proven successful base formulas.

1.    Petro Convenience Advertising Solutions


2.    Media Operational Control Platforms


3.    Digital Media Network Development & Sales

ASP Services delivers unique solutions creating attractive new advertising models, target new and non-traditional advertisers and generate new revenue streams.


Our Current Offerings

ASP Services operates in the current media space:

We value feedback and are constantly innovating and improving our programs and platforms to reduce your workload while maximising your results and revenue.


Who We Are

Andrew Palmer

The Founder of ASP Services, Andrew has developed an extensive experience bank drawn from a wide variety of industries.  He is a business professional who excels in creating operating systems and improving logistical support networks to optimise business performance.  Andrew’s experience base comes from spending his formative years within the military as an officer and then honing his business skills building networks and operations within large multinationals such as Brambles, MIM, Xstrata and Hastings Deering.

Andrew has operated as a consultant to a wide variety of SME’s building sustainable work practices and providing excellent steerage as his clients looked to grow and develop new markets whilst maintaining their core revenue base.

Andrews’s strengths are his “old school” values of providing a quality service for an affordable price, allowing all stakeholders to prosper, grow and develop.


Scott Rowe

A dynamic and experienced international management/sales and business specialist with a demonstrated track record of achievement in various organisations; specifically national and international market assessment, analysis and establishment.  These organisations include Metro Media Technologies, APN, INL, Fairfax and Right Angle Media.

Scott’s strength is in sustainable revenue generation and the development of horizon business opportunities.  He has achieved success in diverse and challenging environments and has an impressive and proven ability in strategic planning, business development and change management.

As a management mentor who encourages and empowers all people to become equity holders within their business objectives and therefore share in the rewards of their success, Scott ensures his strategic goals are always to exceed in a sustainable fashion on financial performance by both improving bottom line and operating efficiencies.


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