DFO Screens

DFO screens are operated across the eastern seaboard of Australia in high profile, high traffic locations:

•    DFO Brisbane Airport
•    DFO Homebush, Sydney
•    DFO Essendon, Melbourne
•    DFO Moorabbin, Melbourne
•    Spencer Street Fashion Central, Melbourne

A highly charged consumer atmosphere with high traffic, high dwell time and high rate of disposable income profiles this competitive and sought after advertising environment.  Each centre facilitates in excess of 5,000 customers each day; that is 5,000 opportunities to view your message each day!  Whether you are seeking to make an offer or increase brand awareness, the DFO audience is unique and far more discerning when it comes to content absorption.

DFO screen advertising provides an opportunity to engage with an audience already committed to spend.  Unlike the previous display program we are utilising web-based systems that allow us to ensure the most appropriate message is displayed at the best time within the shopping experience of your perspective customers.  This will be interspersed with general news and regional information in order to ensure the screens become a focal hub of information and direction for customers enriching their shopping experience.


How does it work?

Appearing on each screen within the centre your message will be displayed continuously during operating hours appearing on average 10+ times each hour or over 80 times in a day.  This equates to 480+ times a week or 1920+ in a month.

With the high levels of engagement it is important to ensure there is variety within the message sequence and also thought as to what are the desired outcomes.  Call-to-action and price points, whilst important and encouraged, are also not the only way of interaction.  Our production costs, if required, are designed to allow you to use multiple creative executions to minimise wall paper effects that can occur through high repetition.  Being digital we can offer flexibility in terms of start and finish times and overall slot performance.


What is the value?

Each centre is being offered at $100 per week on a minimum booking period of four weeks:

•    $100 per week per centre - national buy - four week minimum booking period
•    $150 per week single centre - four week minimum booking period
•    $200 per week – under four week period
•    $200 per month to sponsor event/news slides


Production Costs

Price on application. Should you wish to create your advertisements, we will forward our production specifications as soon as your brief has been received.


Introductory Offer

Buy one month, get one month free and have up to three advertising slots within that display time.



Retail pathway to purchase studies show customers are able to be most influenced when in the centre “browsing”; it is here that many areas of influence can occur.

•    Price point allows for immediacy.
•    Brand values can be strengthened and re-enforced.
•    Buy now and offer messages can create choice options where none have been made.


The Opportunities

•    Loop Advertising
•    Sponsorship of News
•    Sponsorship of Centre Events
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