Nozzle Talkers

Capture 80% of the local catchment each week and engage for up to four minutes with each of them!!

Each week we fuel our vehicles (average one fill per week) research shows we are creatures of habit in that we utilise the same fuel site to fill approximately 80% of the time.

How powerful would it be to gain access to this audience each week with a direct contact advertising medium that is literally impossible to avoid?

Imagine being able to ensure that each person read your newspaper advertisement or listened to your radio spot, quite simply you cannot ensure this ever happens but with nozzle talker advertising you can ensure that those who utilise your station will see your advertisement, it is GUARANTEED, and the more effective your creative delivery, the better your advertising will work for you.

WE WILL DELIVER THE AUDIENCE, you need to focus on your message and what you want your potential customers to gain from this interaction.

A cost effective, unavoidable mass media with nation-wide reach gives you an advertising medium that is truly unique.

Careful observation of drivers has shown that they undergo six intense “hands-on” contacts with the fuel nozzle each time they visit the pump:

Advertising That Can Be Quantified

Competitive CPM, but unlike other mediums (be they print, television, billboards etc) where the time frame of consumer viewing is under 30 seconds and in some cases under five seconds or not at all, consumers are aware of the nozzle talker message for up to four minutes and more importantly we will ensure you are exclusive to your chosen station.

Here is a medium that provides both excellent reach and frequency.  You will interact on average up to four times in a month with your prospect so vibrant engaging copy and regular message changes ensure a heightened result from this medium.


Nozzle Talker Data

Queensland - Brisbane, South to Tweed Heads, West to Toowoomba & North to Marcoola
66    scrolling & nozzle talker sites
18    nozzle talker only sites
84    total sites

New South Wales – Sydney, South to Wollongong, West to Blaxland, North to Heatherbrae, Newcastle (17)
133    scrolling & nozzle talker sites
15      nozzle talker only sites
148    total sites

Victoria – Melbourne, Geelong, Bacchus Marsh, Lilydale to Rosebud
137    scrolling & nozzle talker sites
5        nozzle talker only sites
142    total sites

There are approximately 25 nozzle talkers per site by 374 sites equals 9,350 nozzle talkers on the Australian eastern seaboard.

Target your customers/prospects by area or region; we can look to provide corridor exposure expanding your catchment net as required.

Media Mix

Use with other media as part of an integrated strategy.  The reach, frequency and engagement with your audience will result in a multiplier effect on other media used in your campaign.

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