1. Scrollers                        2. Nozzle Talkers             3. DFO Screens


Scrolling media units are an ideal way to create effective awareness building media placements in high traffic areas. Movement increases an advertising space’s ability to generate awareness over a static display by more than 50%. With ability for each unit to take up to seven different creative executions these units provide for impact and uptake.

They can be used for brand building, product trial, top-of-mind awareness and call-to-action campaigns and provides an excellent use to communicate and reinforce main media campaign messages.

ASP Services Australasia Pty Ltd (ASP Services) can provide the development of a full service turn-key solution of these units within specifically a linked network of locations. This is achieved by establishing a win, win, win solution for the network owner, the media solution and the advertiser themselves in so much as all can profit for a well sited, operated and displayed campaign solution.


Nozzle Talkers

Now available at 7-Eleven petrol locations, these small format ambient advertising units are fitted to petrol nozzles at all 7-Eleven fuel stores and provide a unique and highly effective exposure for the advertiser. With the ability to reach millions of people on a monthly basis and with up to four minutes of direct interaction with the consumer, this medium guarantees a captive audience. This medium despite its size is truly a unique interaction experience. With the right creative execution you have the capacity to interact with millions of people on a monthly basis. With cost effective production you can entertain, inform and inspire with this opportunity.

With over 8000 nozzles at over 420 locations, ASP Services nozzle talkers provide the perfect opportunity to capture the consumer’s attention like no other medium. Your ability to provide broad or highly targeted messages by localised area allow for the ultimate flexibility in message deliver and the ability to test market to a specific area. ASP Services nozzle talkers have proven results in increasing brand awareness and product sales.

DFO Screens

ASP Services’ media arm is becoming one of Australia’s leading operators of small format digital advertising networks with over 100, 165 cm high definition plasma screens positioned strategically throughout the popular Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) shopping complexes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Marketed as part of our retail purchase network and with screens in both portrait and landscape styles, ASP Services is at the forefront of technology and innovation in this medium. Our screens can carry fully animated advertising content; we provide an audience engagement that offers centre information and community news that further strengthens the screens as part of the overall DFO experience within these centres. Sites are updated and monitored in “real time” and provide clients with unlimited creative flexibility.

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